About the Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society

The Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, was founded in 1987.  It followed the initiative in 1986 that placed the 81 “Rockefeller” homes on the National Register as the Forest Hill Historic District.


The Society accomplishes its mission by:

v      Working to promote research and educate the public regarding the history of Forest Hill.

v      Advocating the preservation and restoration of the historic sites and woodlands of ForestHillPark, and its 1938 Master Plan by A.D. Taylor.

v      Working to ensure the appreciation and preservation of the natural landscape of the park for the benefit of the public.

v      Advocating and encouraging appreciation of the original design, architecture and landscaping of the Forest Hill Development as envisioned by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Andrew J. Thomas.


The Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society has carried out its mission by sponsoring community clean-ups of Forest Hill Park, developing and conducting walking tours of historic sites at Forest Hill, and presenting numerous exhibits and lectures on Forest Hill and the Rockefeller legacy.  The Society inaugurated the “Forest Hill Home and Garden Tour” in 1993; tours are offered biennially to the public.  In 1996 the Society took legal action to stop the clear cutting of 8 acres of woodlands in Forest Hill Park. 

In 1997 The Society sponsored and underwrote the successful nomination of Forest Hill Park to the National Register of Historic Places.  That prestigious designation was conferred by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1998 in recognition of the 1938 Master Plan by A.D. Taylor.

In 1998 Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society and its first three Presidents were presented an Award of Achievement by Northern Ohio Live Magazine “In recognition of outstanding contributions to the quality of life in this region” for the Society’s work on behalf of Forest Hill Park.

The society co-sponsored, with the Ohio Historic Preservation Office, a two-day “Building Doctor” clinic in 2000. This program, held yearly throughout the state, promotes “old building” maintenance and repair.

Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society has twice been an exhibitor at the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s annual conference.  The Society’s most recent function was the October 2004 Rockefeller Summit. This event featured local historians and the Assistant Director of the Rockefeller Archive Center, in a morning of education and outreach.


2 thoughts on “About the Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society

    • Katherine,
      FHHPS covers the original Rockefeller homes. I would be happy to help with any of those. We have owned one for 15 years and know much about them.
      If, you are thinking of a “newer” home in the Forest Hill neighborhood, those original plans are available. Most are at Cleveland State, but the Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc. (FHHO.org) can also help.
      Welcome to the neighborhood!

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