The Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society was created to educate. In the following pages you will find much information on the Historic District, the 81 Rockefeller Homes and Forest Hill Park. Please read and enjoy. If you have questions, please feel free to add a comment. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I know its difficult to plan an event like you considered for the convention, but had you heard about Arkansas’ party honoring Rockefeller this last weekend?

    That might have been a perfect link.

  2. I recently purchased a Cleveland Hts home (2625 Derbyshire 1920’s) that has its original steel windows which are a feature of Forest Hill homes. I would appreciate any info you could provide me about your experiences with repair and how you have tackled winter inserts etc. Thank You. Sibyl Scrivens

    • Sibyl
      The windows on the Rockefeller homes were made by Thorne. As you know, because the home are on the National Register of Historic Places, we are unable to replace. I have heard that someone found a place that would build replacements, but I do not personally know where that is. For our windows, I did the following:
      – Scrapped ALL layers of old paint down to bare steel
      – Steel wool all surfaces
      – Cleaned the metal with turpentine / mineral spirits and dried them
      – Used a Benjamin Moore outdoor paint (NOT Latex) directly on the steel (recommendation from the excellent paint guys at Dunn Hardware)
      I did this 12-15 years ago and they still look good.
      Whatever you do, DO NOT use a primer. We bought a “rust primer” and the windows redone with the rust inhibitor and primer need to be redone. The others, according to the recipe above still look great.
      Best of Luck!

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